A map project for the people, by the people.

It is about traversing a 'collective' of user-created areas.

The plan is to have as many people as possible submit their ideas.

The map may also run some special themes/events/endings, using the user-created areas.

It's time to join the collective, anyone can do it!


The concept:

   1) Draw a 20x20 map-image by using the map-image drawing tool (click on the yellow link below)

   2) Test/confirm that it's playable ingame, then submit the map-image via this site

   3) I review the submissions and accept/reject them

   4) The map will spawn/chain together the map-images from the pool at random

   5) People will play and *LOVE* it


   Make sure to check the examples and click on each palette-color to read their description.


_______________[ Wins ]_______________

To win the map:

   - Complete the 4 difficulties + their respective endings.

   - Complete the finale + its ending.

   - Complete the infinite finale + its ending (the higher the stage/check-out count, the better).

The stage/check-out count will be what separates men from boys.

Which team will be able to go the furthest?

Good luck!

Date Server SessionID Version Checkout PlayerCount Rounds(s1,s2,s3,s4,finale,infinite) Video(s)
2022-11-20 MoeUB #1f91426d# v1_8 10 63 1,2,3,2,3,7 Link1 Link2
2022-11-23 Zombieden #42360373# v1_8 13 52 2,1,1,1,18 Link1 Link2
2022-12-07 Zombieden #ea6163d9# v1_8 10 54 1,1,1,6,2,7 Link1
2022-12-10 Zombieden #371b7444# v1_8 14 56 1,1,1,1,1,8 Link1
2022-12-17 Zombieden #53b10603# v1_8 10 60 1,2,1,1,3,8 Link1
2023-01-06 Mapeadores #8c411c94# v1_9 10 62 2,1,1,2,1,8 Link1 Link2
2023-01-29 GFL #25cfa51e# v1_9 16 64 2,7,2,2,2,4 Link1
2023-06-17 Zombieden #3e84d966# v1_9 26 60 2,2,1,1,1,5 Link1



Highest infinite stage-count:

This is a list of the teams that went the furthest during infinite-mode (before/ignoring checking out, does *not* require actually winning the map):

Date Server SessionID Version StageCount PlayerCount Rounds(s1,s2,s3,s4,finale,infinite) Video(s)
2023-02-18 Net4All #e5022843# v1_9 20 52 5,1,8,12,4,10 ?????
2023-02-20 GFL #793e975b# v1_9 21 59 1,2,1,1,5,5 Link1
2023-03-18 GFL #ebb18714# v1_9 24 63 2,1,3,2,2,1 ?????
2023-05-15 Zombieden #56e3ca97# v1_9 35 60 2,1,1,2,1,5 Link1


_______________[ Test your map ]_______________

   1) Download ze_collective here:     [Gamebanana Link] (Ensure you got the up-to-date version)

   2) Put the downloaded map .bsp in your 'csgo/maps/' folder

      (usually: 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/maps/')

   3) Upload your map-image, enter the verification code and click on 'Get map .nut' below to generate/download a .nut file

   4) Put the downloaded .nut file in your 'csgo/scripts/vscripts/' folder

      (usually: 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/scripts/vscripts/')

      (do not rename the .nut, and overwrite pre-existing .nut files if you've tested stuff previously)

      (if the .nut file is not in the correct folder OR named something ELSE than 'ze_collective_offline_testmap.nut' it will NOT work)

   5) Open CS:GO and run ze_collective by typing this into the console:

                  map ze_collective_vX        ('vX' being the actual/latest bsp/version name)

   6) Test the map and make sure that you can get from start to end within reason

   7) Once everything is confirmed to be playable, you're free to submit it below via (Submit your image)

      NOTE: Once you're done testing you may want to remove 'ze_collective_offline_testmap.nut' from your vscripts/ folder (if you wish to play the map normally offline)

Upload your map-image:    

   (use this code for "Test your map" above or "Submit your image" below)

_______________[ Submit your image ]_______________

Check this *ONLY* if you have tested/confirmed that the map is playable (via 'Test your map' above^):

      This would be shown ingame as:           Now entering 'MAP-NAME' by 'AUTHOR-NAME' [ID#xxxxx]

      (The 'ID#' can be used to easily identify/report issues with specific maps)

      Map-names starting with 'RACE' will become dedicated to the race-ending (read more about it in the pixel-editor info)

  The common no-no words + adverts ("join SERVERNAME / IP") will very likely be denied

  Making maps out of server logos is fine though, just make it playable/fun

  Maps that have obvious balance-issues may get denied as well

  Always builds your maps in a way that's clear to everyone on their very first playthrough

        (due to the vast amount of maps, your map is likely going to get played very rarely - be smart - be kind - annoying/harsh bullshit will get denied)

Upload your map-image:    


    Pending submissions: (18)

        (Sorted by oldest)

ID: #1696510756

Map: BirthdayCake I Guess

Author: TheShy


ID: #1699361428

Map: zib1

Author: Sisy


ID: #1699385645

Map: ZhuMi

Author: Sisy


ID: #1699728935

Map: Blame XyFe

Author: TheShy


ID: #1701102876

Map: fys gao wan xzz

Author: TheShy


ID: #1701105107

Map: Where are we going

Author: TheShy


ID: #1701185412

Map: fys gaaaaaao wan xzz

Author: TheShy


ID: #1701185722

Map: pi ka men fixed

Author: TheShy


ID: #1701703020

Map: skncge

Author: TheShy


ID: #1701786094

Map: fys gaowan liangye

Author: TheShy


ID: #1705857196

Map: zkanred

Author: TheShy


ID: #1707040846

Map: zib1 say eban

Author: TheShy


ID: #1711045934

Map: sleep deprivation

Author: TheShy


ID: #1715935265

Map: ff gaowan heiquan

Author: TheShy


ID: #1719475060

Map: Buzz still waiting

Author: pee


ID: #1719475960

Map: SantaQuQ is waiting

Author: SantaQuQ


ID: #1719606601

Map: what can i say

Author: TheShy


ID: #1719608345

Map: mzm is waiting

Author: TheShy


    Rejected submissions: (1201)

        (Sorted by newest)

        (Only showing the 9 most recently rejected images)

        Click here to view all

ID: #1694683831

Map: galaxy brain

Author: alli

Reason: 1694684295


ID: #1694589283

Map: esgaroth

Author: alli

Reason: 1694594748


ID: #1694549979

Map: U gonna finish that

Author: Spy Monkeh

Reason: 1694557968


ID: #1694461203

Map: Finale Elevator

Author: NyaaaDoge

Reason: 1694462225


ID: #1694013632

Map: pi ka men

Author: TheShy

Reason: Too easy against z


ID: #1693699579

Map: BounceTown USA

Author: goober

Reason: Forced dif traversal


ID: #1692345166

Map: Pearl B

Author: NyaaaDoge

Reason: Confusing dead end


ID: #1692018399

Map: frostdrake tower v1

Author: TheShy

Reason: 1692022735


ID: #1691677598

Map: Price of Power

Author: TheShy

Reason: Not traversable


    Accepted submissions: (1652)

        (Sorted by newest)

        (Only showing the 27 most recently accepted images)

        Click here to view all

ID: #1695867163

Map: So long csgo

Author: Luffaren


ID: #1695288105

Map: 3D Platformer

Author: NyaaaDoge


ID: #1695287762

Map: Mind Your Head

Author: NyaaaDoge


ID: #1695287662

Map: Dual Level Floors

Author: NyaaaDoge


ID: #1695099163

Map: Movement Master

Author: NyaaaDoge


ID: #1695098970

Map: The Obsolete Guy

Author: NyaaaDoge


ID: #1695005200

Map: Need More Boulettes

Author: Spy Monkeh


ID: #1694717528

Map: Carousel

Author: sivi


ID: #1694705102

Map: its over

Author: alli


ID: #1694697546

Map: Jump Shrine

Author: sivi


ID: #1694696508

Map: Lava Skating

Author: sivi


ID: #1694687434

Map: sivis palace

Author: alli


ID: #1694684295

Map: galaxy brain

Author: alli


ID: #1694682769

Map: look down

Author: alli


ID: #1694625678

Map: Unstable Bridge

Author: sivi


ID: #1694615576

Map: I need noclip

Author: TheShy


ID: #1694594748

Map: esgaroth

Author: alli


ID: #1694593092

Map: one must imagine

Author: alli


ID: #1694589590

Map: cycle of rebirth

Author: alli


ID: #1694589389

Map: baguette factory v3

Author: alli


ID: #1694557968

Map: U gonna finish that

Author: Spy Monkeh


ID: #1694499511

Map: Take it easy

Author: NyaaaDoge


ID: #1694499469

Map: Lowgrav Training

Author: NyaaaDoge


ID: #1694485537

Map: fuzz

Author: tylxr


ID: #1694462225

Map: Finale Elevator

Author: NyaaaDoge


ID: #1694434523

Map: Earthquake v2

Author: sivi


ID: #1694390049

Map: Baguette

Author: Spy Monkeh