A map project for the people, by the people.

It is about traversing a 'collective' of user-created areas.

The plan is to have as many people as possible submit their ideas.

The map may also run some special themes/events/endings, using the user-created areas.

It's time to join the collective, anyone can do it!


The concept:

   1) Draw a 20x20 map-image by using the map-image drawing tool (click on the yellow link below)

   2) Test/confirm that it's playable ingame, then submit the map-image via this site

   3) I review the submissions and accept/reject them

   4) The map will spawn/chain together the map-images from the pool at random

   5) People will play and *LOVE* it


[Click here to enter the map-image drawing tool]

   Make sure to check the examples and click on each palette-color to read their description.


_______________[ Wins ]_______________

To win the map:

   - Complete the 4 difficulties + their respective endings.

   - Complete the finale + its ending.

   - Complete the infinite finale + its ending (the higher the stage/check-out count, the better).

The stage/check-out count will be what separates men from boys.

Which team will be able to go the furthest?

Good luck!

Date Server SessionID Version Checkout PlayerCount Rounds(s1,s2,s3,s4,finale,infinite) Video(s)
2022-11-20 MoeUB #1f91426d# v1_8 10 63 1,2,3,2,3,7 Link1 Link2
2022-11-23 Zombieden #42360373# v1_8 13 52 2,1,1,1,18 Link1 Link2


_______________[ Test your map ]_______________

   1) Download ze_collective here:     [Gamebanana Link] (Ensure you got the up-to-date version)

   2) Put the downloaded map .bsp in your 'csgo/maps/' folder

      (usually: 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/maps/')

   3) Upload your map-image, enter the verification code and click on 'Get map .nut' below to generate/download a .nut file

   4) Put the downloaded .nut file in your 'csgo/scripts/vscripts/' folder

      (usually: 'C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Counter-Strike Global Offensive/csgo/scripts/vscripts/')

      (do not rename the .nut, and overwrite pre-existing .nut files if you've tested stuff previously)

      (if the .nut file is not in the correct folder OR named something ELSE than 'ze_collective_offline_testmap.nut' it will NOT work)

   5) Open CS:GO and run ze_collective by typing this into the console:

                  map ze_collective_vX        ('vX' being the actual/latest bsp/version name)

   6) Test the map and make sure that you can get from start to end within reason

   7) Once everything is confirmed to be playable, you're free to submit it below via (Submit your image)

      NOTE: Once you're done testing you may want to remove 'ze_collective_offline_testmap.nut' from your vscripts/ folder (if you wish to play the map normally offline)

Upload your map-image:    

   (use this code for "Test your map" above or "Submit your image" below)

_______________[ Submit your image ]_______________

Check this *ONLY* if you have tested/confirmed that the map is playable (via 'Test your map' above^):

      This would be shown ingame as:           Now entering 'MAP-NAME' by 'AUTHOR-NAME' [ID#xxxxx]

      (The 'ID#' can be used to easily identify/report issues with specific maps)

      Map-names starting with 'RACE' will become dedicated to the race-ending (read more about it in the pixel-editor info)

  The common no-no words + adverts ("join SERVERNAME / IP") will very likely be denied

  Making maps out of server logos is fine though, just make it playable/fun

  Maps that have obvious balance-issues may get denied as well

  Always builds your maps in a way that's clear to everyone on their very first playthrough

        (due to the vast amount of maps, your map is likely going to get played very rarely - be smart - be kind - annoying/harsh bullshit will get denied)

Upload your map-image:    


    Pending submissions: (0)

        (Sorted by oldest)

    Rejected submissions: (1023)

        (Sorted by newest)

        (Only showing the 9 most recently rejected images)

        Click here to view all

ID: #1670622271

Map: Wipeout

Author: CoolDude

Reason: Forced risky path


ID: #1670604749

Map: Twin Towers

Author: sivi

Reason: 1670618725


ID: #1670461848

Map: Jumps

Author: CoolDude

Reason: Forced edge TP


ID: #1670374305

Map: anglekawaii

Author: IV

Reason: Too confusing


ID: #1670373818

Map: raincandyU

Author: IV

Reason: Confusing dead end


ID: #1670270756

Map: Jumps

Author: CoolDude

Reason: Forced edge TP


ID: #1670131545

Map: 50 good brother

Author: IV

Reason: Confusing ladderpath


ID: #1670129440

Map: 50 good brother

Author: IV

Reason: 1670131545


ID: #1670119743

Map: Happy Holiday

Author: IV

Reason: Too confusing


    Accepted submissions: (1303)

        (Sorted by newest)

        (Only showing the 27 most recently accepted images)

        Click here to view all

ID: #1670634156

Map: Edgewarrior v2

Author: sivi


ID: #1670622580

Map: Wipeout

Author: CoolDude


ID: #1670618725

Map: Twin Towers

Author: sivi


ID: #1670531424

Map: Jumps

Author: CoolDude


ID: #1670482165

Map: revolving door

Author: Applily


ID: #1670383363

Map: Let The Items Go Man

Author: ZpLit


ID: #1670125770

Map: High risk treasure

Author: IV


ID: #1670112698

Map: Hold the line

Author: IV


ID: #1670073266

Map: Final FrostDrake

Author: IV


ID: #1670025504

Map: Water plane

Author: Luffaren


ID: #1670004328

Map: 3 ways out

Author: Denislafff


ID: #1669995800

Map: All Along the Watcht

Author: sivi


ID: #1669922140

Map: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Author: Luffaren


ID: #1669919110

Map: Tower of bling bling

Author: Luffaren


ID: #1669917923

Map: Trust Issues

Author: sivi


ID: #1669907542

Map: pls no castle theme

Author: sivi


ID: #1669864740

Map: Overwall

Author: ZpLit


ID: #1669839161

Map: Deescalate

Author: ZpLit


ID: #1669827983

Map: Strafe Escape

Author: ZpLit


ID: #1669816938

Map: Spelunking

Author: sivi


ID: #1669790580

Map: Charge Over The Hill

Author: ZpLit


ID: #1669789874

Map: Should You Press It

Author: ZpLit


ID: #1669769265

Map: To Press Or Not To

Author: ZpLit


ID: #1669754867

Map: Delay The Trigger

Author: ZpLit


ID: #1669748257

Map: Backbreaker KZ

Author: ZpLit


ID: #1669692159

Map: Watch Your Feet

Author: sivi


ID: #1669676177

Map: OverClownfidence

Author: ZpLit