Source Engine - BodyGroup calculator

This page will let you know which bodygroup-index you need, based on the bodygroup setup in your .qc file.

Just paste the $bodygroups from .QC into the field below. In the same exact order!

Then check/uncheck the desired body-combination that you want.

In the end, the "Result index" will show you which body-index you should use.

This can be applicable in your map, like:

        ent_fire model SetBodyGroup X         (X being the body-index)

CSGO/vscript has an already-included function which works:

        modelhandle.SetBodygroup(int groupIndex, int value)         ('groupIndex' being the bodygroup-index, 'value' being the sub-body index, indexes start at 0)

Note: make sure to follow the format of the ".QC example snippet" below, or the parsing may fail.

Thanks to Moltard for figuring out the calculation-formula (click here to view)

Vscript/.nut variant (click here to download)

.QC example snippet:

Paste your .QC bodygroups into this text-field: