Welcome to the work f o r c e !

This is where i keep some of my stuff. It will be expanded upon over time.

More, fancier prefabs should be set up eventually.

Hang around, you may find something special.






       Discord: Luffaren#1994




    CSGO hammer prefabs:


              A simple .bat-file .bsp packer, you simply drag+drop a .bsp into it.

              It packs everything within the 'csgo' folder that's next to the .bsp file.



              A script+prefab for setting up an easy-to-use level system.

              Add the .nut to a logic_case, and you're pretty much all set. Read the .nut for more detailed info.



              A barebones physbox+thruster npc base that picks a random CT-target every X seconds and then moves towards the target.

              This is by no means a complete system, but rather a base to start working your own NPC from.



              A standalone script to handle keeping the targetname of weapons + detecting when a weapon has been dropped.

              Just add the .nut to the "Entity Scripts" property of any weapon-entity and it'll work automatically.



    CSGO plugins:


              This plugin allows for instant Vscript-based hotfixes, QoL-tweaks, special events and VIP/patron-updates for Luffaren-maps.

              The Vscripts are set up/managed by Luffaren centrally, and can be previewed below (in "CSGO Vscript configs").

              If a Vscript config exists for the current map on the server, it will load in once as the map starts.



    CSGO Vscript configs:










     These Vscript configs gets loaded in through the LuffarenMaps plugin as the map starts. Click on them to view a preview of the code below.